The Rumored 'Curved Screens' iPhone Might Look Like This

Monday, April 9, 2018

There were reports from Blomberg last week, claiming Apple were in the early stages of developing two new features for future iPhones: iPhone touchless gesture and curved screens.

Following this reports, iDropNews in affiliation with Martin Hajek, has worked on different design ideas (simply put, mockups) on what the 'curved screens' iPhones might probably look like.


For what it is, the renders look much more like LG's previous models of its curved flagship devices, the LG G Flex and G Flex 2.

What's more strange and a little surprising about these mockups, is the adoption of the Nokia 8810 style keyboard cover, which covers about half of the screens display. But what can be said, it's only a mockup.

The last time we heard of a curved iPhone was back when iPhone 6 was launched. Several users claimed their iPhones were bending when too much pressure was applied on it.


We all know Apple has being the pacesetter when it comes to introducing new tech features to smartphones. This would be no exception. The next generation of iPhones which would parade 'curved screens,' might just be different from other curved devices.

If these reports are indeed true, we wouldn't be seeing this 'curved screens' iPhones yet (not for atleast two years).


What do you think guys, Is it a bold move from the tech giants to bring something new to the table?

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