Bank Transfer Codes In Nigeria And Check Bank Account Balance On Phone

Saturday, July 21, 2018

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  1. USSD Banking Codes for Zenith Bank, First Bank, UBA, GTB, Fidelity Bank, Diamond Bank and Other Nigeria Banks
  2. Nigeria Banks Transfer Codes for mobile banking
  3. Codes To Check Bank Account Balance
  4. How To Transfer Money And Perform Mobile Recharge Operations

Technology has had an impact on every Nigeria Space And Sector, ranging from Automobiles, Education, Mobile Phones, Telecommunications, Businesses, Agriculture and several others.

Since Technology came to fore in Nigeria, there hasn’t been any form of relenting from its benefits.

The Banking Sector has had its own fair share of the pie; it has massively benefited from its innovations.

Which brings us to the topic - Bank Transfer Codes In Nigeria, How To Check Bank Account Balance Using Phone.

“Mr. Man, didn't you meet other persons here on queue?”

“God! I’m tired of being on this queue, it’s frustrating.”

“It’s not like I want to make a withdrawal, I only want to make a transfer.”

The aforementioned and several other complaints you probably might have had personally, or heard others made in a banking hall… and it’s frustrating for anybody.

Are you tired of making such complaints? Are you tired of queueing up at a banking hall or ATM? There’s a solution.

All thanks to technological innovations, banking is no longer limited to banking halls. Who needs a bank when you could actually pay bills, transfer funds, check bank balance et al, all by yourself?

And the good news is that it doesn’t require a technical guru neither does it require an internet connection to do this. You just need a phone with which you can dial a code and you're good to go.

What’s this simple means to easy banking? It’s called USSD Mobile Banking. Banking from the convenience of your home or office.

Before I proceed further, let’s take a tour through the evolutions in banking.

In those days, you virtually had to visit the bank for every transactions (check bank balance, transfer money, pay bills), which was stressful to bank officials and customers alike. To tackle this problem, technology provided a solution - Automated Teller Machines (ATM). It eased the stress of banking.

It evolved to a phase where E-Banking (mobile banking using internet and mobile applications) was introduced. And now, USSD Banking (mobile banking with no internet connection required).

Transition In summary:
Traditional Banking → Internet Banking → USSD Banking

Let’s cut to the chase...

What’s USSD Banking?

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a GSM communication technology used to send text messages between a mobile phone and an application programmer in the owner’s network - Wikipedia

USSD Banking is a type of banking which enables the performing of bank operations by dialing a code - Vanguard Nigeria

Is It Technical? Is It Something I Can Do By Myself?

As I’ve stated earlier, it’s neither complicated nor technical. You can do it all by yourself as long as you’ve got a phone.

Haven noted the meaning and benefits of USSD banking, What Are These Bank Transfer Codes? How Do I Transfer Money From One Bank To Another? How Do I Purchase Airtime From My Bank Using This Means? How Do I Check Bank Account Balance? Is It Really Possible Without An Internet Access?

It’s very possible. Okay…


Important Note: The phone number must be associated/linked with your account i.e the number you filled in your form at the time of registration.


Zenith Bank is the largest bank and perhaps, best bank in Nigeria. They provide a wide range of financial services. Zenith have better network and superb customer service.

The Zenith Bank Transfer Code is *966#.

  • Locate your phone dialer application
  • Dial *966#. A message prompt will appear requesting for the last 4 digit of your debit card (first timers only)
  • Input the last 4 digit of your card and you’re good to go.

To transfer money from Zenith Bank to other banks:

  • Dial *966*Amount*Account Number# e.g *966*15000*2323121287# for N15,000

Zenith Bank Recharge Code:

To recharge other numbers
  • Dial *966*Amount*Number# E.g *966*500*08123231212# for recharge N500

To recharge registered number:
  • Dial *966*Amount# E.g *966*500# for recharge of N500

To check Zenith Bank account balance:
  • Simply dial *966*00# and you’ll receive your account balance statement via SMS.

First Bank (*894#) - Since 1894

I refer to them as “The People's Bank.” First Bank is Nigeria’s premier bank and most valuable bank. Simply put, they’re in a league of their own.

The First Bank Transfer Code is *894#

  • Locate your phone dialing app
  • Dial *894# and a prompt will be displayed
  • Follow on-screen command and select various options

To Transfer Money From First Bank To Other Banks:
  • Dial *894*Amount*Account Number# E.g *894*13000*xxxxxxxxxx# for N13,000

First Bank Mobile Recharge Code

To recharge other numbers
  • Dial *894*Amount*Number# e.g *894*800*081xxxxxxxx# for N800 airtime

To recharge your registered number
  • Dial *894*Amount# e.g *894*400# for N400 airtime recharge

To Check First Bank Account Balance
  • Navigate to your phone dialer app and simply dial *894*00#
  • You’ll receive your account statement via SMS

Access Bank (*901#)

Access Bank is one of Nigeria's foremost banking platform, which has carved a niche for themselves in the Nigeria Banking space.
Its core values are centred around leadership excellence, professionalism, innovation and passion for customers. Its mobile banking is definitely one the best.

The Access Bank Transfer Code is *901#

To transfer money is quite different for interbank and intrabank transfer

How To Transfer Money From Access Bank To Other Banks (Interbank Transfer)

  • Locate your phone dialing app
  • Dial *901*2*Amount*Account Number# e.g *901*2*20000*xxxxxxxxxx# for transfer of N20,000

To Transfer Money From one Access Account To Another Access Account (Intra bank Transfer:
  • Simply dial *901*1*Amount*Account Number# e.g *901*1*20000*2323121287# for N20,000 transfer.

Access Bank Mobile Recharge Code

To Recharge registered number
  • Dial *901*Amount# e.g *901*500# for N500 airtime recharge

Recharge other number
  • Dial *901*Amount*Number# e.g *901*500*081********#

To check Access Bank Account Balance:
  • Dial *901*5#. A prompt will pop-up requesting for the first four digits of your BVN
  • Input the digits. You’ll be notified via SMS

You could also check bank account balance via SMS:
  • Navigate to your messaging app
  • Type a message in this format - BAL ACCOUNT NUMBER e.g  BAL 2222334454 - to 0816-000-0612

Diamond bank (*426#)

Diamond Bank is Nigeria’s fastest growing retail bank, and with its affiliation with MTN Nigeria (via the Diamond Yello Account), has offered easy access to their services for customers. It’s an easy-to-use service bank.
The Diamond Bank Transfer Code is *426#

To Transfer from Diamond Bank To Other Banks:
  • Just simply dial *426# and follow the on-screen command prompt to select your preferred options

Diamond Bank Mobile Recharge Code

To recharge your registered number:
  • Dial *937*Amount# e.g *937*1000# for N1,000 airtime recharge

For Diamond Bank Y’ello account to other banks:
  • Simply dial *710*777*Account Number*Amount*Pin# e.g *710*777*2323121287*10000*xxxx# for transfer of N10,000.

For Diamond Y’ello to Diamond Y’ello Transfers
Dial *710*710*Phone Number*Amount*Pin# e.g *710*710*08023232421*5000*00 for transfer of N5,000 to another Diamond Y’ello account.

To Check Diamond Bank Account Balance
  • Dial *710*556*PIN#

UBA (*919#)

UBA is a multinational financial institution which offers online/internet banking, consumer business, investment, institutional and specialized banking. This is one of Africa’s best financial banking brand.
The UBA transfer code is *919*4#

To Transfer Money From UBA To Other Banks:
  • Simply dial *919*4# and follow the on-screen command prompt to select your desired option

UBA Mobile Recharge Code

To recharge registered number
  • Dial *919*amount# e.g *919*700# for recharge of N700 airtime

To recharge other numbers

  • Dial *919*Number*Amount# e.g *919*2323121287*1000# for recharge of N1000

To Check Your UBA Account Balance
  • Simply dial *919# and follow the on-screen command prompt

Fidelity Bank (*770#)

Fidelity Bank is definitely one of the best bank in delivering quality assurance services to the public. The y tag themselves - “We Are Fidelity. We Keep Our Word.”

The Fidelity Bank Transfer Code is *770#

To Transfer Money From Fidelity Bank To Other Banks
  • Dial *770*Account Number*Amount# e.g *770*2323121287*5000# for N5000 Transfer

Fidelity Bank Recharge Code

To Recharge Other numbers
  • Dial *770*Number*Amount# e.g *770*08023236547*200# for N200 airtime recharge

To Recharge registered numbers
  • Dial *770*Number*Amount#

To Check Fidelity Bank Account Balance
  • Dial *770*1#. You’ll receive a notification of your account balance

GTB (*737#)

The ‘737’ is popularly referred to as ‘Simple Life’. I call them the King Of Internet Banking.

The GTB Transfer Code is *737#

To Transfer GTB Account To Another GTB Account (Intra Bank Transfer)
  • Just simply dial *737*2*Amount*Account Number# e.g *737*2*10000*2323121287# for transfer of N10,000

To Transfer From GTB To Other Banks
  • Dial *737*1*Amount*Account Number# - e.g *737*1*6000*2323121287# for N6,000 transfer

GTB Recharge Code

To Recharge
  • Simply dial *737*1*Amount*Number# e.g *737*1*400*2323121287# for N400 recharge

To Check GTB Account Balance
  • Dial *737*6*1# - You’ll receive a notification of your account statement

EcoBank (*326#)

EcoBank operates not only in Nigeria, but also in other Africa Countries. They’re tagged ‘The Pan-African Bank’. Their services isn’t the best in Nigeria.

The Eco Bank Transfer Code is *326#

To Recharge And Transfer on Eco Bank
  • Simply Dial *326# - Follow the onscreen command prompt to all their mobile banking services.

To Check Ecobank Account Balance
  • Dial *326*0# - You’ll receive a notification of your account statement

FCMB (*329#)

FCMB is highly professional banking brand in Nigeria, which has successfully transformed itself to a retail and commercial banking led-group.

The FCMB Transfer Code is *329#

To make use of this code, you must visit any FCMB branch close to you for activation. After that, you can subsequently dial the code for their mobile banking services.

To Check FCMB Account Balance
  • Dial *322*214*0# - You’ll be notified of your account statement

Stanbic IBTC (*909#)

Stanbic IBTC is your corporate banking solution. It’s the bank for business owners. According to them - “Stockbroking Isn’t Just What We Do, It’s Our Lifestyle.”

The Stanbic IBTC Transfer Code is *909#

To Transfer Money From Stanbic Bank To Same Or Other Banks
  • Simply dial *909# - A prompt will show up
  • Input 1 and you’ll gain access to their mobile services
  • Input 4 for transfer

To Check Stanbic IBTC Account Balance
  • Dial *909# - An onscreen command prompt will be displayed
  • Input 1, thereafter Input 2 for Balance Inquiry

Heritage Bank (*322*030#)

They claim to be Nigeria's most innovative banking services company. Their banking services include personal banking, small business banking and internet banking.

The Heritage Bank Transfer Code is

For Money Transfer, Mobile Recharge And Bank Balance Inquiry
  • Just simply dial *322*030# - An onscreen command prompt will pop-up showing a list of their mobile banking services.

Keystone bank (*322*082#)

A Nigeria commercial bank which provide services ranging from business checking and savings account to financial options and cash management solutions

The Keystone Bank Transfer Code Is *322*082# for MTN, Airtel & 9mobile subscribers.

And *805*082# For Glo Subscribers.

To Transfer Money, Recharge Your Mobile And Check Bank Balance
  • Dial *322*082# (MTN, Airtel & 9mobile) or *804*082# (Glo) and you’ll be granted access to their mobile banking services

Skye bank (*833#)

Skye Bank is a Nigeria Commercial bank which offer premium services to its customers.

The Skye Bank Transfer Code is *833#

For Money Transfer And Mobile Recharge
  • Dial *833# and follow the onscreen command prompt instructions.

To Check Skye Bank Account Balance
  • Simply dial *833*6# - You’ll be notified via SMS

Sterling bank (*822#)

Sterling Bank - Experience banking like never before. They strive to give you an easy, stress-free and comfortable banking experience.

The Sterling Bank Transfer Code Is *822#

For Money Transfer, Mobile Recharge
  • Dial *833# and follow the onscreen command prompt

To Check Sterling Bank Account Balance
  • Dial *822*6*Account Number# e.g *822*6*2323121287#

Union bank (*389*032#)

One of Nigeria’s long standing and most respected financial banking institutions

The Union Bank Transfer Code is *389*032# - with this, you could transfer money, purchase airtime and access other mobile services on their platform.

To Check Union Bank Account Balance
  • Text ‘Bal’ to ‘20123’ without quotes i.e Bal

Unity bank (*389*215#)

The Unity Bank Transfer Code is *389*215#

For Money Transfer, Mobile Recharge And Bank Balance Inquiry
  • Dial *389*215# and follow the onscreen command prompt.

Wema bank (*945#)

The Wema Bank Transfer Code is *945#

To Transfer Money From Wema Bank To Other Banks
  • Dial *945*Account Number*Amount# e.g *945*2323128776*4000# for N4000 transfer

Wema Bank Recharge Code
  • Dial *945*Number*Amount#

And that’s all the Nigeria Banks Transfer Code. With the listed codes above, you could enjoy a sleek and comfortable banking experience from the confines of your home, office and any other place, as long as you’re with your mobile phone.

Hope this article answers your question on How To Transfer Money, Recharge your mobile (buy airtime), check balance and pay bills using mobile phone for any Nigeria Bank.

It should be noted that specific charges may apply according to your respective banks.

If you have any problem using the codes, feel free to ask for help in the comment section. PLEASE AND PLEASE, DO NOT FORGET TO SHARE THIS ARTICLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA TO ASSIST OTHERS.


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