15 Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Social media is uniting or lemme say "has united the world"- and making each persons and places seem very much closer, and in truth, they’re far away.

Speaking of social media, Instagram is one of such platforms.

This social media app is used for sharing moments (pictures and videos) with friends & families, and keeping tabs on their activities; promoting brands et al.

Enough of the talks about this small app called Instagram.

Similar to every other social media platform, you need 'followers' 'cause it's boring without them. One out of every three instagrammers are crazy about increasing their followers on instagram and that's the essence of this post.

You'll be shown 15 ways to increase your instagram followers.


1. Use Popular Hashtags such as #ff(follow friday), #instafollow, #l4l(like for like), #tagforlikes, #followback, #love, #instagood, #tbt and #photooftheday.

2. Hold A Contest On Instagram. One of the easiest way to do this is to post an image promoting the content and then ask people to like it inorder to participate.

3. Promote your instagram account on other social media platforms and profiles.

4. Like And Comment On Other Users' Photos. This is the most natural and conventional way to gain new followers.

5. Search For And Follow People Who Are Using Hashtags like #followme and #l4l. many will follow back.

6. Add Your Bio And Make Sure It's A Complete One. Include relevant keywords and hashtags, and a backlink to your site(if available). Above all, don't be spammy; this is a guarantee that no one who reads your profile will follow you.

7. Be Consistent. Know why you're posting and what you're posting for; your follower count will grow organically.

8. Use Calls To Action On Your Captions. Get your followers engaged by asking them to take further actions(e.g., "let me know what you think in the comments").

9. Follow Your Suggested Users. Go to your settings and click the gear icon at the upper right of your screen. Click 'find and invite friends' and then 'suggested users'.

10. Use Geotagging, Especially If You're A Local Business. When you geotag your photos, others who post photos in your region will see your images on the location's page. This is a great way to catch the attention of local users.

11. Really Engage. All the tips, tricks and strategies in the world can't compare with really engaging on the platform. Be intentional about liking photos and leaving thoughtful comments. Regularly find new people to follow, and engage with them by responding to comments and questions.

12. Tag People In Your Photos When Relevant. This ensures these photos show up in those users' feed, and makes it more likely they'll share them.

13. Invite A Guest Post On Your Account. If you have connections with an influential instagrammer, consider asking him or her to guest post on your account. This is a surefire way to skyrocket your engagement; not to mention all the new followers you'll receive.

14. Promote Your Instagram Account To Your Email Subscribers. Periodically share an image in your newsletter and link it up to your instagram account.

15. Tell a story. Use your image captions to tell an engaging story. Storytelling helps create an emotional connection to your brand and product; and including a captivating story is more effective.

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The above points mentioned are the 15 ways to increase your instagram followers. Feel free to add your points.

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