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Infinix Hot 6 Pro

We might be getting accustomed to the fact that Infinix Mobility recently, are offering us nothing new other than refurbished devices.

I mean, aren’t we all getting tired of devices whose only upgrades are in its designs and build; or maybe OS version? It’s as simple or as same as putting old wine in a new bottle.
Update on Mobile Phones, Network And Internet, Small Business Ideas, Featured, Tech News & Latest Technologies.
 Best Android Phones Under 30000

Few years ago, it was really expensive to purchase an android device in Nigeria. In fact, very few could afford to spend money on android devices. We'd rather buy mobile devices running the Java OS and Symbian OS. But with the intervention of the chinese manufacturers and introduction of budget related devices (devices with acceptable qualities at affordable prices) from the likes of Infinix Mobility, Tecno Mobile, Injoo, Xiaomi amongst others, you could get an android device.

Update on Mobile Phones, Network And Internet, Small Business Ideas, Featured, Tech News & Latest Technologies.
Best Antivirus For Android

While the internet is a hub containing tonnes of useful informations; we can't turn a blind eye to the risks that comes along with surfing the web.

It might not necessarily be restricted to just surfing the web. It might occur while trying to download apps amongst other web activities.

All the same, it all deals with the worldwide web. These security risks may be in form of phishing, trojans, malwares, viruses and the likes.

Android is the most widely used OS in smartphones, thus, a target for various malware attacks.

How do we reduce such risks and protect our data from such malwares?

There is no over-emphasizing the importance of security. Sensitive and personal data are stored on our various devices and we wouldn't want to be a victim of data leaks.

Now to the question: How do we protect our devices from such malicious attacks? The answer is simple - “Mobile Security And Antivirus Apps.”

Best Antivirus For Android

Average android users feel it ain’t necessary using a security app. It’s not compulsory though, but it’s absolutely necessary.


What's An Antivirus?

I’ll simply say, it’s an app which provides extra security and protection from viruses and malwares. It serves same purpose as your “Home Security Lock.”

Are Android Antivirus Apps Useful?

Yea. Very useful and necessary. If you have the need to buffer your android security, you must use one.


What Are The Best Antivirus For Android?

There are different apps from various developers which provides antivirus protection for android. In order to help you select the very best, we’ve highlighted the thirteen (13) top antivirus for android phones.

Note: These apps are arranged in no particular order of preference. Each security app is on this list due to its number of installs and performance rating on the Google Play Store. They are highly recommended by users.

Top Best Antivirus For Android

CM Security

CM Security: Antivirus For Android Phones

This seem to be the very best security app which provide antivirus protection for android devices, given the fact it’s favourite among android users.

The CM Security which was developed by Cheetah Mobile has over 500M downloads and 4.7 performance rating (rated by 42.2M users). CM Security has multiple functionality providing you excellent protection, and other important features.

It functions as:
  • Antivirus protection
  • Junk cleaner for removal of unwanted files which sucks up storage space
  • Photo Vault for keeping your photos safe and private by encrypting them to deny third-party access.
  • Wi-Fi Security to detect fake WiFis and unauthorized connections. It keeps your device from insecure public WiFi connections.
  • Applock to password applications

Other features include: Charge Master, iSwipe (quick access to apps), and App Manager.

With CM Security, there’s a 0.01% chance of your device being infected with virus and malwares.

Security Master

Best Antivirus For Android

Winner of the Reddot Award 2017. Thought you had seen it all with the CM Security App? Cheetah Mobile does better with Security Master which packs even more exciting features.

Security Master is a modified CM Security with slightly advanced features. It features a VPN and more efficient antivirus protection for your android phone.

What's In It?

Its features includes:
  • Intelligent diagnosis to detect your device security status
  • CPU Cooler and Power Save for faster CPU response and more battery life respectively
  • Safe Connect VPN & Proxy to unblock your favourite websites and surf the web anonymously
  • Phone Booster for faster and smoother performance.

Security Master makes device protection easier with its one-tap options. It’s trusted by over 500M users.

Do you wish to browse the web anonymously and unlock your favourite websites? This is your perfect choice of a security app.

Do you want 24/7 security, faster device, more storage space, and message security? There is no security app better than this in such regard.

AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus | Best Antivirus For Android

This is my favourite. Though it has a free version, I’d advise you to purchase the premium version.

I’ve had a wonderful experience using this app. The AVG Antivirus gives your device superior protection, privacy and performance.

As stated earlier, if you want this app performing at full capacity, purchase the full version; you’ll have no regrets.

What are its features?
  • It offers protection from malwares by scanning apps before installation to remove viruses and protect your device against malicious contents.
  • Scan websites and WiFi for harmful threats
  • It gives your device extra battery juice with its power save
  • Boost performance with its task killer which kills processes causing CPU strain.

You’d get more from the premium version (it offers you a trial of its premium version) which includes: Anti-theft; find your lost or stolen device via google maps; surveillance agent.

Does your stolen device contains sensitive information? AVG remotely wipes your phone and SD Card content.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast Antivirus | Antivirus For Android Phones

This antivirus app is very popular amongst Android and PC users. It’s one of world's most trusted antivirus for android phones.

The Avast Mobile Security protects your device against viruses, malwares, phishing emails and insecure/infected websites.

It's trusted by over 400M users across all platforms and has over 100M android users with a 4.5 performance rating on Google Play.

Its notable features are:
  • Antivirus protection
  • Applock and Anti-theft (premium features)
  • Call blocker and charge screen
  • Photo Vault and privacy permissions
  • Power save, RAM booster and junk cleaner
  • Web shield, WiFi scanner and WiFi speed test
  • Firewall which is restricted to only rooted android devices

The Avast Mobile Security and antivirus app premium subscription allows for ad removal and provide direct customer support.

360 Security

360 Security | Antivirus For Android Phones

The most interesting thing about this app is that it contains absolutely no ads.

360 Security is an ad-free mobile security and antivirus app which provides top security, anti-spyware, virus protector, memory booster, anti-theft, CPU cooler and clean master. Quite a lot for one app, right?

It has over 100M downloads on Google Play with a 4.6 performance rating (rated by 16.7M users).

It has an effective cache cleaner and smart battery saver; a lock screen with multiple functionality; junk file cleaner, and intruder selfie.

360 Security offers real time protection for your device at almost no cost.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus Protection For Android

Kaspersky is a popular mobile security and antivirus app right from our Java OS and Symbian OS days.

Kaspersky is editors’ choice. It provides real time protection against vulnerabilities, malwares and phishing.

It has 50M+ android users and 4.7 rating.

What does it has on offer?
  • Protect your device against mobile and phishing threats
  • Protects access to apps by use of applock
  • Secret contact book on your device
  • Block unwanted calls and messages
  • Block malicious links
  • Supports android wear to control your security status, but it’s only available in the full version

Hi Security Antivirus

Hi Security | Mobile Security And Antivirus App

This is one of the top free mobile security and antivirus app for android devices. It has 4.7 rating and 50M+ installs on Google Play.

It offers free antivirus protection for android (double engine antivirus which is super powerful).

The Hi Security Antivirus packs notable features such as: super cleaner, CPU cooler, call blocking, privacy protection, quick charge master, booster and WiFi speed test.

ESET Mobile Security And Antivirus

ESET Mobile Security And Antivirus App

ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus app is a fast and powerful mobile antivirus. Its 10M+ downloads on Google Play Store does not really tell the story of an efficient security app.

It’s a premium antivirus app (with free download on Play Store) which offers a 30 days free trial of its premium features.

One good thing about this app is: one-time payment and use on multiple devices (up to 5)

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It packs all the features available in an antivirus app. It’s easy to use and has a setup wizard.

Features include: Proactive anti-theft, virus & malware scanner (which can be scheduled), detailed security report and anti-phishing.

Norton Security And Antivirus

Norton Mobile Security And Antivirus App

This is an award winning mobile security and antivirus app. It provides proactive antivirus protection and security with absolute confidence.

It has multiple functionality.

What it does:
  • Scans and removes apps with viruses, spywares and other threats
  • Provides apps risk rating directly on Google Play Store
  • Find out your app functionalities and permission when you ain’t using them
  • Scan apps from app stores before download
  • WiFi protection
  • One-time payment which can be used on multiple android devices
  • Discover WiFi-router vulnerabilities before personal information is exposed
  • Safeweb filtering (premium feature)

Norton Mobile Security offers a 30 days trial of its premium features.

Avira Antivirus Security

Avira Antivirus | Antivirus Protection For Android

Another award winning mobile security and antivirus app. Avira antivirus security provides you with antivirus protection, anti-theft, privacy advisor, blacklist and ID safeguard.

It has 4.5 rating on Google Play Store.

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security And Antivirus App

McAfee mobile security is an antivirus app which provides your device with:
  • Antivirus protection and security
  • Applock and privacy
  • WiFi and web safety
  • Phone booster
  • Remote lock and wipe
  • Contacts backup and phone finder

NQ Mobile Security And Antivirus

NQ Mobile Security And Antivirus App

It’s a safe, fast and professional security app. Like other antivirus apps, it protects your phone against viruses and malware with its effective antivirus engine.

TrustGo Antivirus And Security

TrustGo Antivirus | Best Antivirus For Android

This is a completely free mobile security and antivirus app which provides fast and professional antivirus protection for android devices.


Haven listed out the top antivirus for android phones, which is the best? Our pick is the “Security Master.” However, if you need top of the line security, we’d advice you use the premium version of “AVG Antivirus.” It’s effective and my pick as the best antivirus for android.

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What To Expect?
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        Technology has had an impact on every Nigeria Space And Sector, ranging from Automobiles, Education, Telecommunications, Businesses, Agriculture to several others.

        Since Technology came to the fore in Nigeria, there hasn’t been any form of relenting from its benefits.

        The Banking Sector is not left out; it has had its own fair share of its innovations.
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        Microsoft Defender Antivirus scanner is now available in Google's chrome browser.

        Microsoft has released an extension of its windows antivirus scanner to prevent malicious attacks and malware while browsing the internet. This chrome extension also prevent phishing emails, block phishing websites, and block malicious URLs.

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        Though Google already has its own chrome protection, Microsoft claims its extension (windows defender antivirus) is more efficient. Microsoft claims it has a 99% efficient rate compared to 87% for Google.

        However, if you want to enjoy to this extra security, you could download from the chrome webstore.
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        Tecno Camon X Pro

        It seemed for a while like TECNO Mobile might have lost its crown (as Nigeria’s leading and popular smartphone brand) to Infinix Mobility amongst others.

        It now looks like majority of persons (which also includes me) pushing such notion, are wrong after all (maybe slightly). I mean, what better response could you have asked or wished for? TECNO CAMON X PRO - The latest beast amongst Tecno Beasts.
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        There were reports from Blomberg last week, claiming Apple were in the early stages of developing two new features for future iPhones: iPhone touchless gesture and curved screens.
        Update on Mobile Phones, Network And Internet, Small Business Ideas, Featured, Tech News & Latest Technologies.

        Apple is developing two new features for the next generation of iPhones: iPhone touchless gesture and curved screens.

        The tech giant is said to be in the early stages of developing these new features which would be available for next generation of iPhones, as reported by BloomBerg.
        Update on Mobile Phones, Network And Internet, Small Business Ideas, Featured, Tech News & Latest Technologies.

        Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S has been on trend for quite sometime now, and definitely for a good reason. This might just be the best Xiaomi device yet with an option for further improvements though.

        Xiaomi announced and unveiled this device as a variant and successor to its previous model, Mi Mix 2. With this flagship from the Chinese manufacturers, it's a statement of intent.
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        The New iPad 9.7 (2018) is the latest offering from Apple. It was tipped to be the cheapest iPad yet, and it sure kept up to that expectation. It was announced at the recently held 2018 Apple Event in Chicago.
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        Is it that success tends to make smartphone brands lazy? Not really, because the biggest brands tries twice as much to replicate success on every of its output devices. It's more or less the feeling that whatever they release into the market will generally accepted, and maybe garner rave reviews, which is absolutely wrong and totally unacceptable. And how do you replicate more success? By doing much more better.

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        GLOBACOM is a Nigeria Telecommunication Company owned and founded by billionaire tycoon Mike Adenuga in 2003. GLO works with the slogan UNLIMITED and RULE YOUR WORLD.

        The introduction of GLO into the Telecom scene was a necessary and welcome development for Nigerians. It was actually a relief from the overly expensive cost of SIM cards. I remember those days where someone who actually own a phone had no SIM and vice versa.
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        Infinix Hot S3 And Tecno Camon CM

        Tecno Mobile has been the leading smartphone brand in Nigeria. They've set the standards and shown other brands the marketability of smartphones in Nigeria. 

        Tecno Mobile produces top quality and mid-range devices, no doubt, but another has taken over - INFINIX MOBILITY. The Infinix Hot 2 was the manufacturer's breakthrough flagship which adhered smartphone lovers to the brand. In Nigeria today, they're the go-to guys for quality smartphone with good battery capacity.